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Ella Altair

Research Title: The Development of a Mindfulness-based Intervention for Eating Disorders among University Students in the UK

About my research: Sub-clinical eating disorders, e.g. disruptions in eating-related behaviours that do not require clinical attention, are prevalent among university students. That might be because of many and varied reasons such as autonomous lifestyle- including taking responsibility for food provision. The purpose of this project is to design a tailored intervention based on mindfulness for university students with sub-clinical eating disorders. The study begins with a systematic review of the literature about the factors associated with one of the eating disturbances. Then, it investigates the views of the target population about what to include, tests a session and explores the experiences of participants. The study also systematically reviews the literature about the experiences of participants of mindfulness-based interventions. The conclusion is recommendations based on all parts of the study.

Supervisors: Dr Oyinlola Oyebode, Dr Eleni Karasouli and Prof. Caroline Meyer