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Haleema Masud

Research Title:

Reducing affordability of tobacco products in Pakistan: A prospective policy analysis

About my research:

Tobacco is responsible for huge morbidity and premature mortality worldwide. Multiple interventions are available to control tobacco use, most effective being the use of tobacco taxation and pricing policies (TTPP) to reduce tobacco affordability. Despite the availability of clear evidence, the TTPP are not effectively utilized in Pakistan. This PhD uses a mixed methods approach to identify challenges and facilitators for reducing affordability of tobacco products in Pakistan. The study begins by critically analysing existing TTPP. It then estimates the price elasticity of tobacco users and uses dynamic econometric models to simulate impact of different policy options on tobacco consumption and government revenues. The study also assesses political feasibility of introducing TTPP reforms in order to achieve public health objectives in the country

Supervisors: Dr Oyinlola Oyebode, Professor Paramjit Gill