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Karthikeyan Govindasamy

Research Title:

ImplementatioN Science Trial in Leprosy in India - INSTIL India: Self-care Intervention to reduce the prevalence and severity of neuropathic plantar ulcer and overall disability in leprosy.

About my research:

The aim of my research is to reduce the prevalence and severity of leprosy ulcer and overall reduction in the disability. A mixed methods approach will be undertaken with a systematic review on prevalence of neuropathic plantar ulcer and its risk factors, followed by a cross-sectional study on prevalence of disabilities due to leprosy, including ulcers in Champa district, Chhattisgarh state, which will form the basis of an improvement program and evaluation study design. This will be followed by an intervention to improve self-care practice and conduct an end-line evaluation to see if we have reduced ulcer prevalence and severity along with overall disability level.

Supervisors: Professor Paramjit Gill, Dr Samuel Watson