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Marion Okoh-Owusu

Research Title:

Using Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Nurses from home visits to pregnant women for better maternal and newborn health outcomes

About my research:

This project work is testing the impact of a new community partnership between CHWs and CHN for home visits to pregnant women with the main objective to improve maternal and newborn health in low and middle income settings. The first part is a systematic review of current evidence on such partnerships if any and the impact of these visits on expected health outcomes for mothers and newborn babies. The second part is a field trial to assess the effectiveness of these visits prospectively.

The study site is Ellembelle district of Ghana where thorough community engagement took place to ensure community buy-in. The recruitment process was successful followed by implementation of the home visit intervention. The field trial study has now ended.

Data management is ongoing and the analysis shall focus on a descriptive analysis firstly, followed by bivariate and then a multivariate analysis to assess the characteristics of the participants and differences in outcomes for interventions and control arms if any.

Supervisors: Dr Celia Brown, Professor Paramjit Gill