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Mary Osuh

Research Title:

Determinants of oral diseases and oral health care needs in slums: A comparative study with non-slum urban settings in Nigeria

About my research:

Oral health is an integral component of overall health and wellbeing. However, oral diseases are often overlooked in health care planning, thereby constituting a neglected epidemic in the LMICs, especially among disadvantaged and poor population groups like residents of slums. My doctoral research investigated the determinants of oral diseases and assessed the oral health care needs of residents of a slum setting and compared the findings with a non-slum setting, both in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. This information which is currently unknown will be provided through this project as vital baseline data for researchers and policymakers to design context-appropriate interventions that can improve the oral health and wellbeing of slum residents.

Supervisors: Dr Yen-Fu Chen, Dr Bronwyn Harris, Professor Richard Lilford