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Getting to Know Your Baby


Development and creation of an interactive App and linked webpage to support the emotional wellbeing of babiesapp

Babies are born socially interactive, the way in which parents tune in to and interact with their baby influences the wiring of their brain and their later ability to manage stress and regulate their emotions.

This mobile phone ‘app’ is aimed at helping parents to:

  • Bond with their unborn baby
  • Understand baby sleep/wake states
  • Watch their baby and film interaction to share with practitioners and early years workers

The linked webpage for professionals is aimed at:

  • Increasing understanding of the emotional needs of babies

Link to the App

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Dawn Cannon

Warwick Medical School
University of Warwick, CV4 7AL

+44(0) 2476 150 506



Warwick Infant and Family Wellbeing Unit


Division of Mental Health and Wellbeing