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Seminars and lectures

As we are currently working remotely due to the Covid19 pandemic we have been running some seminars and lectures for the WMS community to join via Microsoft Teams to share current research and insight.

Lawrence Young's seminar - The Covid-19 Pandemic: Warp speed science to find a cure

Lawrence delivered a really interesting talk on the Covid-19 pandemic. The talk covered a number of topics including: (i) SARS-CoV-2 infection, replication, evolution and variation; (ii) pathogenesis of COVID-19, immune responses and the cytokine storm; (iii) repurposed drugs for COVID-19 therapy; and (iv) towards effective vaccines: what might work and why?

Over 120 people joined the talk and there were lots of questions which Lawrence answered at the end. A recording of the seminar and the slides are available on the intranet.

Noel McCarthy's Covid-19 epidemiology seminar

Noel delivered an insightful seminar on the epidemiology of Covid-19. Noel gave an overview of the epidemiology of Covid-19 considering the emergence of new infections into the human population, the clinical epidemiology of Covid-19, patterns of spread in human populations and options for disease control.

Over 140 staff members and students joined the seminar and were able to ask Noel their questions throughout. The recording of the seminar and the presentation slides are available to staff and students on the intranet.

Ethical issues in times of Covid-19. Responsibilities and reasons online seminar

The Ethics team hosted an online seminar for staff and students to examine some of the pressing ethical issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. The event featured three short talks, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A:
Professor Anne Slowther: To do CPR or not to do CPR: duties, risks and conflicting guidance in the Covid-19 pandemic
Professor Heather Draper: ‘Put your brave pants on’: the duty to work during the Covid-19 pandemic
Dr Greg Moorlock: Mr Trickett was right all along – the importance of showing your working

The event was open to both staff and students and 80 people attended.