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Data Protection

I understand that:

  1. All personal information including without limitation my name, address(es), email address(es), contact numbers, age, gender, date of birth, department, year of study, student status, type of course, department and details of my progress on my course (“Personal Information”) will be used by the University of Warwick (“the University”) in the manner and for the purposes outlined in this notice and the University’s Data Protection Guidelines.
  2. The control of my Personal Information rests primarily with the Academic Office of the University. All transfers of the whole or part of my Personal Information within the University will be made on a need to know basis.
  3. If I am a full time student relevant parts of my Personal Information may from time to time be disclosed to Local Authorities to enable them to assess whether I will be liable to pay Council Tax.
  4. Some information held about me by the University will be sent to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). This forms my HESA record, which contains mainly coded information including ethnicity and disability data. My record, or parts of it, will be passed to those of the following bodies that require it to carry out their statutory functions in relation to the funding of education:
    • Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
    • National Assembly for Wales
    • Scottish Executive
    • Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland
    • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
    • Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
    • Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
    • Teacher Training Agency
    • Department of Health
    • Research Councils
  5. The data in my record will be used in anonymised form, primarily for statistical analysis, by HESA and the above bodies. This use may result in the publication and release of data to other approved users, which may include academic researchers and commercial bodies. My record will not be used by HESA or any of the above bodies in a way that would affect me individually.
  6. My contact details will not be made available to HESA and precautions are taken to minimise the risk of identification of individuals from the published and released data. None of the above bodies will be able to use the data provided to HESA in order to contact me.
  7. When you qualify, further data about you will be collected and information on how this will be used will be provided at that time.
  8. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have the right to a copy of the data held about you by HESA, for a small fee. If you have any concerns about, or objections to, the use of data for these purposes, please contact HESA at, or by writing to 95 Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 1HZ.
  9. When my Personal Information is disclosed to the HEFCE it will be used primarily to assist the Council in the collection of data for the National Student Survey and also on occasion for other purposes.
  10. If I am an overseas student the University may from time to time disclose relevant parts of my Personal Information to organisations outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), for example Government bodies or as required under relevant Education Acts and/or rules. Before the University releases my Personal Information to a country outside the EEA the University will ensure that such country has in place adequate legal protection for the privacy of personal information.

In addition to meeting the requirements of other Statutory Bodies, the University may from time to time transfer all or part of my Personal Information to any of the following. I have indicated below my permission or refusal to pass my Personal Information to the bodies specified.

  1. Students’ Union – For the purposes of allowing the Students’ Union to provide me with support services, to join Union societies and to vote in elections.
  2. Research – The University may occasionally disclose certain Personal Information to staff or members of external organisations for research purposes (such as postal questionnaires).
  3. Careers Service – For the purposes of making use of the Careers Service at Warwick. If I choose ‘no’ below I understand that I will not receive careers information by email and not be able to use their on-line services or registration systems.
  4. Development Alumni Relations (Warwick Graduates Association) – Upon graduation, the University will transfer relevant parts of your details from its Student Records System to its Alumni Database. This data will be used to keep you in touch with the University via magazines and electronic newsletters, to ensure that you are invited to relevant alumni events and reunions and for mailings, yearbooks, networking and fundraising purposes
  5. National Student Survey – The HEFCE operates an annual survey of final year undergraduate and PGCE students. The University will transfer to HEFCE (or its agent, currently Ipsos MORI) relevant parts of my Personal Information in order that I may be contracted to participate in the survey. The National Student Survey (NSS) is an excellent opportunity for final year undergraduates to feedback on their academic experience. The results will be used to help future students to choose courses that best suit their needs and interests.