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Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Lessons from medical history? Dealing with demand in some 19th-century towns - Via Teams at 12:00 and in room A0-41

Via Teams at 12:00 and in room A041

John Wilmot

John was a GP Senior Clinical Lecturer at WMS; after retiring he has substantially broadened his research interests and expertise, especially as he became involved in local history. John has recently completed a PhD in the History Department at the University of Warwick, his research investigating nineteenth-century developments in health care provision.


‘Lessons from medical history? Dealing with demand in some 19th-century towns'

As nineteenth-century British towns grew, they established new health institutions, mostly using charitable funding. From about mid-century, there were sharp increases in numbers attending for treatment. The presentation will explore the nature and consequences of increased demand in two large Midland towns. In the 1860s at the Birmingham General Dispensary, the increasing workload sparked conflict between medical staff and lay governors. In Coventry, the local Provident Dispensary was the major local provider, and was also affected by rising demand. The associated tensions in the 1870s between medical staff and other groups will be addressed, together with other institutional and professional responses.

This seminar will be recorded. Please ensure your Microsoft Teams setting is on ‘mute’ before joining the talk.