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Thursday, March 10, 2022

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‘The ‘ordinary’ as an extraordinary accomplishment and how to learn from it: another perspective on Patient Safety’ - Dr Jessica Mesman, Associate Professor
Face to Face - A130 Medical School Building and online

Jessica Mesman Jessica is an Associate Professor in the Department of Society Studies of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her field of expertise is Science and Technology Studies (STS) with healthcare as her main area of investigation.

‘The ‘ordinary’ as an extraordinary accomplishment and how to learn from it: another perspective on Patient Safety’ In her presentation she will discuss the importance of mundane practices, of what is traditionally neglected, ignored, or considered as not being relevant. By considering the ‘ordinary’ as an extraordinary accomplishment it becomes possible to question why things go well and take into account the role of the implicit and informal aspects of healthcare. This act of foregrounding what is already there to understand and improve practices, is captured by the concept of exnovation as a form of ‘innovation-from-within’. In order to see what has been hidden or forgotten she uses video-reflexive ethnography (VRE) as main method. VRE is an interventionist and collaborative method that turns healthcare staff into co-researchers. In her presentation Jessica Mesman will demonstrate how her exnovative approach and use of the VRE method offers another perspective on issues like patient safety, comfort, and patient involvement. This seminar will be recorded. Please ensure your Microsoft Teams setting is on ‘mute’ before joining the talk.

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Epidemiology and Control of COVID-19 in Hong Kong - Professor Benjamin Cowling
Please note this seminar will be in room A-130, WMS main building and online via Teams