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Diabetes Webinars


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If you want to join one of our webinars, then sign up here and we'll send you all the details to log in the day before the webinar commences. Please note: our webinars have a maximum of 100 places available, and slots will be given on a first come first served basis. All webinars will be videoed and made available on our website and YouTube channel after the event.

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Type 2 Diabetes NICE Guideline 1 year on - Dr Stephen Lawrence

Wednesday 15 March, 6.00-6.45pm

Since the first interation of the Type 2 NICE Guidelines in 2008 (CG66) there has been numerous updates - some minor changes focusing on technology, others much more significant and large. In December 2015 the most recent major update was released in the form of NG28, which was the subject of significant controversy from experts in the field. The NG28 has already undergone minor updates during July 2016. Though these rapidly changing guidelines risk causing confusion, they represent an attempt to keep pace with the rapidly expanding understanding of type 2 diabetes care. This webinar focuses on the experience gained from working with the updated NG28 one year on, as well as investigating the implications of the subtle changes incorporated in the July 2016 update.

Diabetes management in older people - Dr Roger Gadsby

Tuesday 21 March, 6.00-6.45pm

Fit healthy older people with diabetes can be managed according to the recommendations of NICE guidelines. However, many older people will have significant co-morbidities and some cognitive and mobility impairment. Management may need to be modified in the light of such problems. In this webinar Dr Roger Gadsby will discuss these issues and illustrate them using several case scenarios. The issue of over treatment in people with diabetes resident in Nursing homes will also be explored.

Diabetes education at Warwick

Around 700 people are diagnosed with diabetes each day and 10% of the NHS budget is currently spent on diabetes – that equates to approximately £192 million per week. There has never been a more critical time to ensure the healthcare workforce are skilled to deal with this growing epidemic. Our programmes in Diabetes equip those working with diabetes patients with the essential knowledge and skills needed to provide exemplary health care and make a tangible difference in a rising area of concern. Read more about our part-time courses.

Previous webinars

New NICE Guidelines; Good, Bad or Ugly?

Dr Stephen Lawrence, Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow, examined the potential impact of the new NICE guidelines in primary care, the pros and cons of the new guidelines and the controversy that remains among diabetes experts about the inclusion and omissions of the guidelines. See the full presentation and listen to the talk in the video below.