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Professor Andrew McAinsh - Leading Lights

Chromosome dance steps (how a molecular machine enables error-free chromosome segregation)

Human beings are built from hundreds of trillions of individual cells, generated by serial divisions of a single cell. A universal feature of each division is the equal separation of chromosomes, which carry the genetic information, into the two new daughter cells.

This is vital work as mistakes in this process are associated with the progression of cancer, developmental Syndromes (i.e. Down's) and miscarriage.

In this lecture, Professor Andrew McAinsh will set out to tell you a story about the tiny molecular machine that is responsible for this remarkable feat – it is called the kinetochore (that’s greek for moving place). His story will involve travel, wonderful collaborators and colleagues, leaps in the dark, fancy microscopes and still more questions than answers when it comes to the workings of a cell.

Andrew hopes that by the end you will be as amazed by the kinetochore as he is.

Professor Andrew McAinsh


Date: 22 February 2017

Location: MTC Lecture Theatre

Timings: A welcome reception will take place in the MTC Common Room at 11.30am. The lecture will start at 12.00pm.

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