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Leading Lights - Professor Amy Grove

Professor Amy Grove

Professor Grove is research leader in Health Technology Assessment and NIHR Advanced Fellow at WMS and Honorary Professor, University Hospitals Coventry, and Warwickshire. Amy is an internationally recognised interdisciplinary research leader in Implementation Science, with £28 million in research funding leading a team of 40 academic staff. Amy is the Head of Division of Health Sciences, Director of Warwick Evidence, NIHR Technology Assessment Reviews team and the West Midlands Evidence Synthesis Group. As a Chartered Psychologist Amy spearheads an innovative programme of research on Implementation Science in surgery – which you will hear about in her talk.

Title: Surgical research and researching surgery: collective wisdom and collective blindness

In surgical research, we do great science and generate excellent evidence, but what happens next? Do these elements create great clinical practice? Not always. Effect size and cost-effectiveness estimates of surgical interventions only get us so far. Implementation requires action, and action often requires change in surgery and those who perform it. In my talk I will tell you a story about how we can use evidence based leadership to become collectively wise, and avoid being collectively stupid.