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Professor Matt Gibson - Leading Lights

Polymers, sugars and ice

Professor Gibson will discuss his research into healthcare applications using glyco- and materials science.

Glycans (sugars) are fundamental in all spheres of life; From ensuring the correct folding of proteins, the initial steps of fertilisation and infection, as components of antibiotics and even to enable extremophiles to survive extreme cold temperatures.

However, glycans are not bio-synthesised from templates, unlike proteins, meaning we cannot use genetic tool to exploit. Instead, we take a materials-science solution to generate hybrid materials containing, or inspired by, glycans.

In this lecture I will discuss our work on i) easy to use glycan-based nanomaterials for rapid, low cost, infection diagnostics; ii) antifreeze glycoprotein inspired cryoprotectants for the storage and transport of donor cells and tissues.

Professor Matt Gibson

Date: 26 June 2017

Location: MTC Lecture Theatre

Timings: A welcome reception will take place in the MTC Common Room at 11.00am. The lecture will start at 11.30am.

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