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Professor Michelle Miller

Cardiovascular Disease, Inflammation, Sleep and Health: A Medical Biochemist’s Journey from Bedside to Bench and back again

In this lecture, Prof Miller reflected on her research which has taken her from bedside to bench and back again through a range of different, yet complementary, disciplines from biochemistry and molecular biology to epidemiology and population health science.

She demonstrated how the knowledge and techniques she learnt along the way have allowed her to develop a unique translational medicine research approach, exploring new insights into the importance of inflammation and sleep in the development of cardiovascular and other disease risk.

She explained some of the challenges and highlights she’s encountered along the way, demonstrating how she has developed a passion for passing on the knowledge to both the general public and to the next generation of medical students and scientists, highlighting some of the practices she developed to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

M Miller

This event has now passed.

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