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Leading Lights 2016

Professor Sébastien Perrier

Professor Seb Perrier

Date: 15 September 2016

Location: Lecture Theatre, Medical Teaching Centre.

Time: A welcome reception will take place in the MTC Common Room at 11.30am. The lecture will start at 12.00pm.

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Molecular Engineering to Probe the Nano-Bio Interface

Professor Sébastien Perrier is a joint appointment between the Department of Chemistry at Warwick, Warwick Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy at Monash University. In this inaugural lecture he will describe new approaches developed by his team to probe cell functions, in particular in the context of drug delivery.

Sébastien will discuss how the use of new chemical synthesis tools permit to design specific nanomaterials that can be used to first interrogate cell functions, then be exploited for effective drug delivery of a variety of active agents, from anticancer drugs to antibacterial compounds.