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Audio archive

Cardiovascular Disease

(Audio clip) Prof Franco Cappuccio from Warwick Medical School talks about his recent research into the effects of cholesterol busting statins on blood pressure


(Audio clip) Dr Roger Gadsby from the Institute of Clinical Education at Warwick Medical School talks about a study exploring how women with diabetes plan for pregnancy

(Audio clip) Dr Jackie Sturt discusses the Diabetes Manual, an innovative structured education programme for type 2 diabetics

(Audio clip) Tackling diabetes and obesity in the UK's South Asian communities - Prof Sudhesh Kumar investigates the pathogenesis and treatment of obesity and its metabolic and cardiovascular complications

Junior doctor's hours

(Audio clip) Prof Franco Cappuccio discusses the effect of cutting junior doctors' hours on patient safety


(Audio clip) Prof Sarah Stewart-Brown looks at the recent statements on the obesity gene, food supplements and lifestyle changes and asks which is the most effective for tackling obesity


(Audio clip) Prof Justin St John explains how hybrid embryo research could 'offer chance to treat incurable diseases' 

(Audio clip) Prof of Reproductive Biology at Warwick Medical School, Justin St John, explains why his proposed work into using very early stage hybrid human-animal embryos for research is necessary 

(Audio clip) Dr Manu Vatish discusses his work on developing a test for Pre-eclampsia


(Audio clip) Are you getting enough sleep? Prof Franco Cappuccio has examined the problems associated with a lack of sleep and explains how you can improve your chances of a good night's sleep