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Medical students awarded prize by Academy of Medical Educators

deanTwo Warwick medical students have been awarded the poster presentation prize at the Academy of Medical Educators annual general meeting.

The Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) is a charitable organisation which aims to advance medical education for the benefit of the public. This year’s general meeting took place on 4 April in Cardiff, with a focus on ‘Wellbeing in Healthcare Education’.

Warwick students presented four posters and gave one oral presentation during the event, with third year medic Dean Skutela (pictured) and second year Jordan Moss being awarded the prize for best poster presentation for their work on ‘The WHOA Model’, a new reflective model for thinking through professionalism dilemmas in medicine. The students were supported in their work by principal clinical teaching fellow Dr Anne-Marie Chilton.

The ‘WHOA!’ model was created by Warwick medical students and staff to develop the professional reasoning skills of students and increase their confidence to act professionally. The model provides a simple, easy to remember and structured approach to thinking through professional dilemmas and working out the best way to take appropriate action. You can find out more about it here.

The other presentations from Warwick students included:

  • Experiences of an interprofessional collaboration in producing material on professionalism dilemmas
  • Drop-in’ sessions - making student support more accessible
  • Does a cup of tea make a difference to student wellbeing?
  • Feedback from students to academic and clinical staff on the support they are provided with (Oral presentation)

The students received very positive feedback throughout the day.

Well done to everyone involved!