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Professor Andrew McAinsh granted £2.5M Wellcome Discovery Award

Congratulations to Professor Andrew McAinsh, Pro Dean for Research at WMS, who has just been awarded a Wellcome Discovery Award and Research Grant of over £2.5M. The research programme ‘Kinetochore self-correction mechanisms underlying faithful chromosome segregation in humans’ will run for eight years.

Professor McAinsh said ‘I am thrilled, and very grateful to Wellcome, to be the recipient of this Discovery Research Award, the first of its kind at University of Warwick. To have our research programme supported for the next 8 years is a real privilege and provides an amazing opportunity for us to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the chromosome segregation field. Losses and gains of chromosomes are infrequent yet devastating for human health being a hallmark of cancer, ageing and reproductive failure. Our aim is to understand how kinetochores - intracellular molecular machines - operate to detect and eliminate such errors. For more information about Professor McAinsh and ‘McAinsh Lab please click here.

Professor Sudhesh Kumar, Dean of WMS commented ‘We are very pleased that Professor McAinsh has been awarded this grant and recognised with such a prestigious award. It is extremely well deserved, and I am sure he will give back much to science through his discoveries and impact.

Wellcome Trust supports science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone. They support discovery research into life, health and wellbeing, with a focus on three worldwide health challenges: mental health, climate and health and infectious diseases. For more information about Wellcome Trust please click here.