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WMS wins ASPIRE award for Student Engagement


We’re delighted that WMS has received the 2021 ASPIRE-to-Excellence award for Student Engagement.

ASPIRE awards recognise medical, dental and veterinary schools internationally for their excellence in education. The reviewers who decided to award WMS commented: “The school showed a role model example of how student engagement can be achieved in a graduate entry medical school that treats its students as partners. This is one of the best applications this group of reviewers provided their feedback on.”

The following student engagement programmes were recognised as being outstanding:

  • Managing student feedback
  • Case Based Learning
  • Peer teaching and mentoring
  • Our work alongside students to decolonise the curriculum
  • Developing future researchers, educators, and leaders
  • Student engagement by supporting NHS during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Working with local homeless and refugee communities

Well done to everyone who has contributed to this success!