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Clinical Education Hub: Student quotes

Kylie Maisey, 1st year

“This is a really great facility. I have found it so useful in putting the taught theory into practice, seeing how it works in real life. I have been working with real patients in my first week of my medical degree which is fabulous. I wanted to get stuck in and I have been able to do so in a really supportive environment. By being able to interact with patients from the outset alongside the theory, I feel that I will be able to develop the whole package of skills I need to become a doctor.”

Kate Potts, 1st year

“This is a brilliant facility. I know that some medical degrees don’t enable you to work with patients in the first year of study which feels a bit like a compressed biomedical sciences degree to me. Being able to communicate is such an important part of becoming a doctor and this is something we prepare for our interview to enter medical school so it seems entirely appropriate that we should be using communication with patients from week 1. Initially the theory can feel like a foreign language but when we come into the lab it all makes sense as it is completely brought to life. The teachers have all been really helpful in supporting us.”

 Chloe Howes, 1st year

The Plastinates are amazing, and as someone who hasn’t studied anatomy before, it has been a great experience, and a great way to visualise in the anatomy lab. I feel really lucky to have this facility as not all universities have this. Anatomy has been the most interesting learning point so far, and the anatomist Erin has been great.’  

 Caitlin Callan, 1st year

"As a slightly more mature student, I had some worries about going back to studying after working. WMS have made this transition as smooth as possible and helped me to feel comfortable with studying again. The facilities are great, especially the new clinical anatomy building, it feels very professional to be in a clean new centre, learning anatomy and clinical skills with expert teachers."

 Tom Scott, 1st year

"The plastinates are incredible, it's amazing to see all the anatomy of the body laid out in front of you, and it just turns the theory into reality."

 Nico Orr, 1st year

"Visualising, through using the plastinates, allows a deeper level of learning that can’t be provided by textbooks."

 Katie Thornton, 1st year

"The first week has been really enjoyable and so interesting! There’s been so much to get involved in. The facilities are amazing – the teaching is fantastic, the anatomy session was fascinating, and it's been a privilege to meet patients so early on. It helps us develop our clinical skills from Week 1, which is brilliant! I’ve really enjoyed it so far."

 Yasira Perera, 1st year

"Clinical skills and clinical anatomy was enhanced with the experience of using the new facilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the plastinated specimens, and felt super lucky to be the first cohort using the new Clinical Skills and Anatomy Suites."

 Zara, 1st year

"The Clinical Skills & Clinical Anatomy Suites were beautifully laid out, I had my first session in there yesterday and it was amazing! Seeing all the plastinated specimens laid out was such an enriching experience, and being able to practise clinical skills in a simulated environment felt very realistic and representative."