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£2.5M Grant awarded to deliver evidence synthesis products for health and social care

One of nine new Evidence Synthesis Groups (ESGs) has been awarded by the NIHR to a collaborative group, led by Professor Amy Grove and Dr Yen-Fu Chen from Warwick Evidence in Warwick Medical School.

The £2.5m grant will provide 5 years of funding to deliver a range of evidence synthesis products across the spheres of health and social care.

The ESG will draw on core strength in methodology innovation and evidence synthesis within University of Warwick and beyond, with collaboration internally with CEDAR and the Department of Statistics, and externally across the footprint of the Academic Research Collaboration (ARC- West Midlands) with Universities of Birmingham and Keele.

Professor Grove says “this is a really exciting opportunity - we will successfully deliver 3-5 reviews per year between 2023-28 to provide policymakers, professionals and the public with timely, high-quality evidence to ensure patients and clients receive the best quality care. We value the opportunity to address the needs of all communities and improve evidence synthesis science. “