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2017 MB ChB Prizegiving Evening celebrates student success


The 2017 MB ChB Prize Evening took place last week, 7 December, celebrating the fantastic work and achievements of our students over the last year.

The evening was hosted by our Dean, Professor Sudhesh Kumar, our Pro-Dean for Education, Professor Lesley Roberts, and Head of Medical Education, Professor Colin Macdougall, in the Panorama Suite on campus. Introducing the awards, Professor Kumar said: "This event is a great opportunity to celebrate the successes of our students and teaching staff. This course is a challenge and while the ultimate goal may be graduation, foundation training and becoming a doctor, it is important to recognise your achievements along the way."

Our guests were treated to a drinks reception and three-course meal before the awards were presented at the end of the night. Congratulations to all our winners!

Take a look at the photos from the evening (student/staff login required).

2017 prize winners

Phase 1 prizes
Phase 2 prizes
Claire Freeman Memorial Prize
Awards for Teaching Excellence

Phase 1 prizes

Top Mark Year 1 OSCE (Observed Structural Clinical Examination): Sarah Bunnewell (unable to attend)


Highest mark: Year 1 written examination
Highest mark: Year 1 short answer question paper

Christopher Gunn


Highest mark: Year 1 multiple choice question paper
Ronan Baird and Christopher Gunn

Felicity Smith Group prize

Felicity Smith Group Prize
This award is made to the group who has, in the opinion of the Case-Based Learning facilitators, worked best towards Phase 1 of the course. 
Winning group: Tizan Barron, Mark-Joel Clovis, Amy Coats, Inga Da Silva Campos, George Godfret-Faussett, Thomas Long, Nicola McCallion, Michael Smith, Irekma Soda

Phase 2 prizes
Marianne Stoker

Highest mark: Year 2 written examination
Marianne Stoker


Highest mark: Year 2 OSCE examination
Hannah Maxfield


First place: SSC2 written report

Angus Hamilton


Second place: SSC2 written report

James Keasley

Third place: SSC2 written report - Elizabeth Hibbert (unable to attend)


First place: SSC2 Self Proposed Project
James Keasley


Joint second place: SSC2 Self Proposed Project
Rosanna Stopford and Gregory Bacon


First place: SSC2 Poster Presentation
Matthew Percy


Joint second place: SSC2 Poster Presentation
Liam Hurst, Michael Lawless and Alex Sergiou

Claire Freeman Memorial Prize

Lilly Kessler


Claire Freeman was a WMS student who sadly passed away during her first year of the MB ChB. She is remembered for her inspirational behaviour and support to friends and fellow students, and the Memorial Prize named after her is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates these attributes and displays inspirational leadership beyond the classroom.

The winner of the Claire Freeman Memorial Prize this year is Lilly Kessler, nominated by a large number of students for her 'exceptional and inspirational leadership' over the last two years. Among other achievements, Lilly has won the Warwick Volunteer of the Year Award for her work with the charity Street Doctors, served as chair of the Student and Staff Liaison Committee and has been a member of the Mindfulness Society Committee.

She is pictured here with Lesley Roberts and Claire's brother Rob Freeman, who spoke to the audience during the event.

Awards for Teaching Excellence

Three awards were presented during the evening to members of staff nominated by our students for their excellent teaching.

JRAward for Teaching Excellence for a University-Based Teacher

Jamie Roebuck

Students nominating Jamie said:

  • Jamie has done a great job in teaching and explaining difficult concepts, overall just an approachable and friendly manner.
  • Very good at explaining complex concepts for all different types of learners. Especially visual and kinaesthetic.
  • He is the year group's BAE. Can we give him a crown?

Award for Teaching Excellence in a Clinical-Based Setting

Adam Boulton

Students nominating Adam said:

  • Enthusiastic, excellent clinically relevant teaching!
  • We had him for 3 BST session in block 5. He was always very prepared for all sessions and would always plan them to suit our needs. He would go above and beyond to make our sessions informative and enjoyable, he is a star!
  • Adam really went above and beyond to help us with clinical skills last year and deserves recognition.
  • We had Adam for 3 BST sessions at UHCW in year 1. Every single session, he was amazingly enthusiastic at teaching us, bringing to each session a wealth of innovative teaching methods, presented in a personable, passionate and often amusing way.
  • One highlight was the use of sweets hidden under pieces of paper to test each of us individually at SPACETIT lump describing.
  • On the wards he was an excellent role model, brilliant with patients, and he never made us feel uncomfortable or stupid but created a learning environment in which I felt able to have a go, ask questions and also get things wrong.
Teaching Excellence Commendation DC

Dawn Collins

Students nominating Dawn said:

  • Dawn Collins’ lectures are wonderfully and clearly structured, and I wish that all lectures could be structured according to the learning outcomes like that.
  • Overall, this block has been my favourite yet, and I think a lot of that is due to Dawn’s high-quality teaching and good organisation.
  • Amazing, engaging teaching from Dawn Collins.