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Virtual MB ChB Prizegiving celebrates student and staff success


Our 2021 MB ChB Prizegiving Evening took place on 22 April, celebrating the fantastic work and achievements of our medical students over the last year, as well as recognising members of staff who've gone above and beyond to support them.

This year, of course, our evening had to be held virtually, but a box of treats was sent to all of our award winners and commendees to enjoy as they watched the award presentations.

The evening was hosted by our our Pro-Dean for Education, Professor Lesley Roberts. Introducing the awards, she said: "This year has been a year like no other and achievements from all students and staff have been beyond exceptional. Everyone is special and the School has never been more proud of our community and its contributions."

This year saw the introduction of two new prizes to recognise the efforts of those during the Covid-19 pandemic: the Pandemic Response Hero Award and Champion of Virtual Education Delivery.

Many congratulations to all our winners and runners up!

Written Prizes
Felicity Smith Group Prize
Student Selected Component Prizes
Claire Freeman Memorial Prize
Pandemic Response Hero Award
Awards for Teaching Excellence
Personal Tutor Awards
GP Practice of the Year

Written Prizes

Phase 1 Written Prize

Awarded to the person who has achieved the overall best performance in end of Phase 1 written exams (SAQ and MCQ combined).

Winner: Alicia Schwarzenbach
Runner up: Kirstie Jenner
Commendations: Jonathan Franklin and Josh Hill

Phase 2 Written Prize

Awarded to the person who has achieved the overall best performance in end of Phase 2 written exams (SAQ and MCQ combined).

Winner: Amy Sewell
Runners up: Edward Parsons and Rachel Perring
Commendation: Karolina Rzeniewicz

Felicity Smith Group Prize

Felicity Smith Group Prize

Awarded to the group who has, in the opinion of the Case Based Learning facilitators, worked best towards Phase 1 of the course.

Winners: Ashish Mehta, Annabel Bates, Bryonny Rigler-Dhaliwal, Fredrick Marlowe, Charlotte Caroff, Ruth Hodson, John Inman, Matilda Finch-Darling, Ryan Fish.

Student Selected Component Prizes

Highest Overall Performance in SSC1

Winner: Jessica Mooney for her work on the Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine module.

Rhianna Roberts for her work on the Bodywork and Health module

Elena Whiteman for her work on the Ethics and New and Emerging Health Technologies module.

Overall Best Performance in SSC2 Written Submission

Winner: Felicity Davies for her project Spatial Navigation testing for Dementia Diagnosis in a Setting of Low Literacy and Multilingualism and was conducted in India

Daniel Lilley for his project An Audit of the Management of confirmed Ventriculitis Cases at UHCW

Best Overall Performance in SSC2 Poster Submission

Hannah Blades
for her project Is a Single Plate enough? A Service Evaluation at UHCW into Primary Surgical Fixation Methods for Distal Femoral Fractures and Emma Jenkins for Iatrogenic Help or Harm? A Study of Causation in Patients with Opioid Use Disorders

Emma Jenkins for her project Iatrogenic Help or Harm? A Study of Causation in Patients with Opioid Use Disorders

Commendation: Oliver Burton for his project in the area of Cervical Anterior Pedicle Screws: Feasibility Study based on CT 3D Reconstructions

SSC2 Self Proposed Project

Winner: Felicity Davies for her project Spatial Navigation testing for Dementia Diagnosis in a Setting of Low Literacy and Multilingualism and was conducted in India

Emma Jenkins for her project Iatrogenic Help or Harm? A Study of Causation in Patients with Opioid Use Disorders

Claire Freeman Memorial Prize

Claire Freeman was a WMS student who sadly passed away during her first year of the MB ChB. She is remembered for her inspirational behaviour and support to friends and fellow students, and the Memorial Prize named after her is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates these attributes and displays inspirational leadership beyond the classroom.


The winner of the Claire Freeman Memorial Prize this year is Charlotte Blackmore. The panel were told through nominations of how she had consistently ‘gone above and beyond’ to support others. Her nominations recognised her work in the SSLC, MedSoc committee and with the medic parents scheme. It was also recognised that she has consistently displayed excellent leadership skills which have enabled her cohort to have a strong and evidenced voice and that her leadership became even more inspirational when the SSLC was flooded with student concerns in the face of the pandemic.


The runner up in this category is Jessica Quimpo. Nominations highlighted how she had demonstrated ‘inspirational leadership’. Her work as vice president of the WMS BME student network has brought about demonstrable outputs in the areas of active bystander and anti-racism training and has supported the ongoing work of de-colonisation of the curriculum. Her nominations also highlighted the work she has engaged in beyond the school and curriculum which has supported the wider region, for example the migrant food bank in Coventry.

Pandemic Response Hero Award

The first of our two new awards this year recognises those students who have gone far beyond expectations to tackle the challenges of the pandemic.


Our winners are Tom Dale MacLaine and Jean-Pierre Laake, for their work in establishing the Patient Connect service, a service which enabled hospitalised patients to connect virtually with concerned and cherished friends and family, in turn freeing up nursing capacity. This team and their work has received national recognition.


The commendation in this category goes to Oliver Burton, in recognition of his efforts to provide anatomy and physiology revision sessions at the start of the pandemic, during a time of widespread concern and confusion. Nominations stated that they would 'never be able to truly thank him enough’.

Awards for Teaching Excellence

Award for Teaching Excellence for a University-Based Teacher

Winner: Erin Fillmore

Students nominating Erin said:

  • I have never met someone with such a great passion for teaching.
  • Dr Fillmore has gone above and beyond with helping the first years during the pandemic!
  • She is an exemplary teacher.
  • Encouraging, patient, and sincere

Commendation: Greg Moorlock

Students nominating Greg said:

  • Greg has, right from the very first lecture, engaged our collective attention.
  • He speaks on topics clearly, knowledgeably, but most importantly pitches it in a way that makes it accessible.
  • He is always available to answer questions, listens to student requests, and I have always felt that when I ask questions, he engages in a way that encourages independent thought.
Award for Teaching Excellence in the NHS

Winner: Hannah Webber

Students nominating Hannah said:

  • Hannah was extremely supportive and helped us all get back into placement after our break because of Covid.

  • She was a fantastic teacher, mentor and generally all round lovely!

  • She was always there if we had any questions, made our mentor sessions very enjoyable and had a lot of helpful knowledge. She's great!

Champion of Virtual Education Delivery

Winner: Erin Fillmore

Students nominating Erin said:

  • The speed with which the last week of teaching was made into an online format and the genuine concern vocalised made the process of trying to grapple with online teaching easier because it felt like there was a member of staff who really cared, simply because she vocalised it.
  • With the switch to virtual education Dr Fillmore adapted very quickly and did an amazing job updating every one of the changes to the teaching schedule and delivery on a regular basis

Commendation: Greg Moorlock

Nominations noted Greg's mastery of Echo recordings and highlighted his great sense of humour.

Personal Tutor awards

Personal Tutor Award
Winner: Celia Brown

Students nominating Celia said:

- An amazing personal tutor who would do anything to help.

- Felt like talking to a friend that genuinely cares for your wellbeing.

Clinical Personal Tutor Award

Winner: Zaki Gaballa

Students nominating Zaki said:

- The most caring person I have ever met.
- Zaki has treated us (his group) with so much respect and compassion
- I have never had my confidence boosted as much as after one of Zaki's motivational chats.
- He is a special person and doctor that makes for a very special tutor.

GP Practice of the Year

Winner: Clarendon Lodge Practice

Students nominating Clarendon Lodge Practice said:

- Dr Farrar and the whole team made us feel very welcome and a part of the staff members.

- We learned so much and gained so much confidence in our history taking and examination skills.

- The entire team were welcoming and helpful and promoted the ethos of caring for the patients in the wider community.