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WMS success at University Awards


We were delighted to see several individuals and teams from WMS recognised at Warwick's University Awards on 18 May.

The University Awards are an annual event which celebrate the efforts of colleagues at all grades and from all departments across Warwick, with all staff and students being invited to make nominations.

All nominees were invited to attend the event with a colleague or friend. Following food and drinks in Rootes Building, attendees took their seats in the Butterworth Hall in Warwick Arts Centre to enjoy some live music and entertainment from comedy duo LoveHard before the winners were announced.

Out of a massive 570 nominations made this year, we were proud to see so many colleagues from across the Medical School being recognised for their achievements.


Unsung Hero

Sally Bromage - Cleaning Assistant (Estates/ WMS)

People nominating Sally said:

As well as undertaking her role to an amazing standard, Sally has a kind word for everyone and she is tremendously popular amongst staff and students alike.

We are very fortunate to have Sally as a colleague... not only is she a totally reliable member of the team but she is also a friend to many.

Nothing is ever too much trouble, she is truly a valued colleague who goes above and beyond what is expected. Our working environment is so much better thanks to Sally.

Sally is very conscientious and ensures that all public, student areas and staff spaces are kept to a high standard, I have never had to ask her to fulfil anything, as she is typically one step ahead.

Emily Reid - Senior Careers Consultant (Careers & Skills/ WMS)

People nominating Emily said:

Emily is just wonderful. In particular, she worked tirelessly to help with academic foundation training application, not only providing help with interviews in her own time but also emotional support and wellbeing.

There are not many people as committed as Emily and it's comforting to be supported by someone who you know is so willing to help and so positive.

As Senior Careers Consultant, Emily has gone far above and beyond everything required of her to ensure that we stay informed and updated with all of the necessary information for our employment after graduation.

Highly commended

Unsung Hero

Helen McGowan - Research Project Administrator (Health Sciences)

People nominating Helen said:

Helen is a wonderful hero(ine) who is highly able, extremely committed, and in a very modest and unassuming way represents the very best of Warwick's values.

Helen is the person who keeps the Unit of Academic Primary Care functioning and without her we would grind to a halt. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that members of the unit have the information they need to assist with research grants, conferences, teaching or anything else that comes up.

Research Contribution

Felicity Boardman - Assistant Professor (Health Sciences)

People nominating Felicity said:

Felicity is an exceptional researcher whose enthusiasm and dedication to her research area are outstanding. Joining the department as a Research Fellow in May 2010 having recently been awarded her PhD, Felicity's research career has blossomed. She initially worked for the Research Design Service, but Felicity's passion and vision for her research, which focuses on the social and ethical dimensions of genomic medicine, became the driving force of her professional life.

Felicity is a highly successful researcher who has already secured four personal funding awards over the course of her career, within which public engagement activity has always been a central component.

Outstanding Team

Gibbet Hill Health and Wellbeing Group (Team members: Sunita Palmer, Laura Cranshaw, Rosemary Cragg, Catherine Eaton-Brown. Kirstie Haywood , Tim Hunter, Debbi Marais, Claire McDonald, Tania Page, Roulla Phillippou, Lucinda Sidbury, Stephanie Tierney, Julie Tod, Karl Waldron)

People nominating the team said:

This team organised a very successful and well attended Health and Wellbeing Day in 2017 which is going to take place again this year. As a result of the event a walking group was organized to take place each Tuesday lunchtime which again is very popular and well attended. Team members support both each other and the wider School community in order to reach their goals, and recognise the importance of colleagues having the opportunity to take time out of their busy working day to do something fun and rewarding.

Public Engagement

Milestone Project (Team members: Dr Helena Tuomainen, Prof Swaran Singh, Dr Priya Tah, Rebecca Appleton, Rose-Marie Lomax, Dr Jane Warwick, Dr Cathy Street, Dr Jason Madan, Dr Alastair Canaway, James Griffin, Philip Wells, Prof Dieter Wolke, Claire Daffern, Leanne Walker, Anna Wilson, Charlotte Gatherer, Amanda Tuffrey, Sarah Buttle, Meghan Killilea, Courtney Smyth, Caoimhe Kelly, James Kirwin)

People nominating the team said:

The Milestone Project is an EU-funded longitudinal study looking at the transition of young people from the Children's Mental Health Services in to the Adult Mental Health Services. They have been working closely with young people going through this transition to build up their skills and confidence to talk about the service they have received, and been using the voice of the young people to help raise awareness of the issues young people face around mental health care.

Huge congratulations to everyone who was recognised at the awards and to all those who were nominated. You can see the full list of winners and highly commended nominees from across the University here.