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Share Your Data in OMERO

The method for sharing data with OMERO changes depending on who you want to share it with.

  • Warwick members - can log in with their Warwick details. Email camdu at warwick dot ac dot uk if they need to be assigned to a specific or multiple groups.
  • General public - Email camdu at warwick dot ac dot uk and request to be added to the public-data group. Make a project/dataset containing the data. Right-click and choose Move to group...>public-data. Note this moves the data so if you want to keep the data in your account as well you need request that a copy is made. Please send requests to camdu at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • External research collaborators - Email camdu at warwick dot ac dot uk with the person's name, institution and email address and request an account to be set up. They can be added to your lab group or a separate group can be set up so that you can share specific data. This will allow them access via OMERO.web. If they also require access via OMERO.insight/Fiji plugin etc. for importing data or image analysis then we can apply for third party VPN access via ITS.