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BBC Radio 5 | The Nacked Scientists | Light pollution: time to flick the switch | Constant light causes harm to head and heart

11:46, Wed 28 Jun 2023

Many people don't recognise light pollution at night for what it is: pollution. Largely, we fail to see this harmful introduction into the environment because we have been conditioned to associated light with good and dark with bad. It's time to change that. In this episode, we explore the various implications of artificial light at night and speak to the activists trying to put a stop to it.

27 June 2023 | Presented by CHRIS SMITH | Production by JAMES TYTKO In The Nacked Scientists for BBC Radio 5
Chris interviewed the University of Warwick's Francesco Cappuccio about the health impacts of light pollution...

(MP3 format, 6.2 MB)


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