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Infant Mental Health Pathway

Developing an Infant Mental Health Pathway

for Warwickshire

Infant Mental Health

Over the past decade, the UK government has prioritized early development including emotional wellbeing, and the Sure Start initiative (Home Office 1998) reflected this increased recognition of the importance of the family environment, and parenting in particular, in influencing key outcomes for children.

The last decade has witnessed a raft of policies that have placed early support for families with young children high on the agenda, and initiatives such as the Healthy Child Programme (DH 2009) have set a clear framework for universal and targeted children’s services from conception until 5 years.


Prof Jane Barlow

Mrs Chris Coe

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Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing
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Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing

Research Aims

This project aims to define the key elements of an Infant Mental Health Pathway, building on the available evidence in terms of

a) the key factors that contribute to infant mental health;

b) interventions/services that promote infant mental health either directly, by impacting on the infant; or indirectly by impacting on the parent or parent to be.