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Sanjana Goutham joins the ISOBAR team

In May, Sanjana will relocate to the UK from India and will join the ISOBAR and TRANSFORM team at Warwick Medical School as a researcher.

Sanjana, a mental health researcher and practitioner from India, brings over four years of experience from her tenure at the Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), a distinguished WHO collaborative centre dedicated to mental health research and training. During her time at SCARF, Sanjana made significant contributions to various research projects and global mental health initiatives, collaborating with organizations such as the World Health Organisation and citiesRISE. Her expertise spans working with diverse youth demographics across India and beyond, with a keen focus on understanding the cultural and social underpinnings that have an impact on health.

Having spearheaded independent research focusing on critical yet overlooked areas like sexual and gender minority (SGM) health and the pervasive issue of loneliness in India, Sanjana earned acclaim with publications in prominent national newspapers and conferences such as the IAYMH. Her final project at SCARF marked a significant milestone through collaboration with the World Health Organization Southeast Asia Regional Office (WHO SEARO). In this capacity, she played a pivotal role, meticulously exploring and documenting key innovations within community mental health efforts spanning 11 nations across the South East Asian belt.

Sanjana holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Counselling and Family Therapy. Additionally, she has completed the South Asian Diploma in Narrative Practices, enriching her ability to work effectively with individuals, families, and communities. Sanjana's commitment to continuous learning is evident through her training in Global Mental Health Research at McGill University in 2023, the Certificate Course in Cancer & Palliative Care Counselling Skills (CCPC) at Karunashraya in the same year, and the Leadership in Mental Health Course at Sangath in 2019. These diverse educational experiences underscore her comprehensive understanding of the disciplines surrounding psychiatry.

We asked Sanjana to share her thoughts and visions about coming to Warwick Medical School and relocating to the UK. Sanjana said “embracing the academic rigor in the department alongside the charming essence of Coventry, I am certain that joining Warwick Medical School will not only satisfy my intellectual curiosity but also nurture my creative and spiritual pursuits. I am deeply grateful for being endorsed and awarded the Global Talent Visa, acknowledging the dedication and integrity of young individuals striving to excel in the realms of arts, science, and technology

Contemplating her relocation to the UK, we asked Sanjana what she considered to be the greatest opportunity in joining Warwick Medical School. Sanjana commented “with a keen eye on maximizing the resources available at WMS, I eagerly anticipate harnessing the institution's opportunities for research, health delivery, and clinical training. The department's multidisciplinary approach presents an invaluable opportunity for me to cultivate a versatile skill set and make meaningful contributions across various domains of my interest. TRANSFORM and ISOBAR highly appeal to me as they give an opportunity to dive deep into complex problems in a systematic, culturally sound ways whilst employing evidence-based approaches.”

Sanjana shared an insight into her life outside of work and told us “in my free time, I usually enjoy my time with loved ones. A true lover of coffee and books and passionately trying sports!”

We look forward to extending a warm welcome to Sanjana over the coming weeks.