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Co-Applicants (Research Team)

Co-Lead Applicant: Professor Domenico Giacco

Giacco is a psychiatrist with experience in conducting research on social networks (including his PhD) and on-line networking of people with psychosis. He is experienced in supporting the management of large multi-site studies. He will have overall responsibility for the completion of the programme including the trial, and directly managing the research staff.


Co-Lead Applicant: Professor Stefan Priebe

Priebe is the Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Service Development and Head of the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry at the Wolfson Institute of Population Health. Priebe will provide research expertise, support and guidance throughout the study.


Study Co-Ordinator: Dr Imogen Wells

Wells is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Warwick whose research interests include the development of support interventions for service users and carers. Wells has experience of managing large multi-site studies. She will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the project.


Research Assistant: Ms Abigail G-Medhin (worked on this project till August 2022)

G-Medhin is a Biomedical Science graduate from the University of Warwick with research assistant experience in Population Health at King’s College London. She assisted in the conduct of the research, including the collection and analysis of the data.