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Public Engagement

The following presentations on this subject have been made:


  • ELSA Wave 6 Launch Conference (London, 2014)
  • British Society of Gerontology (Southampton, 2014)
  • ESRC Research Methods (Oxford, 2014)
  • FREE Public Engagement Seminar: Sleep and Cognition in the life-course: from development to decline. (Warwick, 2014)
  • Warwickshire Women's Institute (Leamington Spa, 2014)
  • ESRC Age UK Showcase Event (London, 2014)
  • Annual Meeting British Hypertension Society (Cambridge, 2011)
  • Royal College of Physicians Sleep Meeting (London, 2008)
  • British Sleep Society (Cambridge, 2007)
  • NHS Workforce Countdown (London, 2007)
  • Annual Meeting of the British Hypertension Society (Cambridge, 2007)
  • Royal Society of Medicine (London, 2007)
  • ThinkThank Museum (Birmingham, 2006)


  • Aging and Sleep (Lyon, 2014)
  • 73rd Scientific Sessions, American Diabetes Association (Chicago, 2013)
  • Sleep Medicine Gran Round, Harvard Medical School & Brigham's & Women Hospital (Boston, 2013)
  • European Society of Cardiology (Munich, 2012)
  • 2nd Annual Meeting of the Diabetes & CVD Study group of EASD (Cluj-Napoca, 2009)
  • 51st National Congress of Spanish Society of Endocrinology & Nutrition (Zaragoza, 2009)
  • 22nd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension (Berlin, 2008)
  • 19th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society (Glasgow, 2008)
  • 48th American Heart Association Council on Epidemiology (Colorado Springs, 2008)

The Book Club, The Knowledge Centre, University of Warwick

BMJ podcast, June 2011, sleep deprivation and obesity