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Road Safety Bill

The Department of Transport is considering the issue of sleep disorders which will now be incorporated into the Road Safety Bill. The aim of this bill is to improve road safety measures to reduce casualties on the roads. The government aims to reduce overall road traffic casualties by 40% and child deaths by 50% by 2010.

The following new/altered amendment was considered in the House of Lords on 10 January 2006:

After Clause 40

Insert the following new Clause—

"Undiagnosed sleep disorders”

1) The Secretary of State shall develop policies which take into account the risks presented to drivers and passengers of all classes of vehicle posed by drivers with undiagnosed sleep disorders.

2) In doing so, he shall require the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency -

(a) to take reasonable steps to ensure that drivers taking practical tests for all classes of vehicle are provided with information about the risks associated with undiagnosed sleep disorders;

(b) to make the issuance of a full driver's licence for all classes of vehicle conditional on the driver submitting a signed declaration of a registered General Practitioner, certifying that -

(i) the driver has been examined by that GP for symptoms of sleep disorders, and

(ii) that where symptoms have been diagnosed, an appropriate referral has been made and treatment provided to ensure that the driver is medically fit to drive."

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