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Prostate Cancer Involvement Network - opportunities to get involved


This is an opportunity for men with prostate cancer to give their views on a bid for research funding which is being developed by a team from the Universities of Warwick, Lancaster and University Hospital Coventry and Warwick NHS Trust. If the bid is successful, l we will also invite men to contribute to the development of the study.

Follow up care for men with stable prostate cancer is increasingly managed through nurse led telephone clinics. While these clinics have been shown to be safe there is evidence to suggest that they do not meet the needs of all men in terms of information and support. We aim to develop a web based self- assessment system which allows men to identify any areas of concern they may have related to information, symptoms, psychological or other issues before they have their telephone consultation. We intend that this will ensure the phone consultation is focussed on the things that are most important to the particular individual.

As the study progresses we will invite some men to comment on the design of the web based system. We will also be asking for some user representatives to join the steering group.

Our study proposal is available HERE and comments can be sent to us at the email address below

Who should get involved?

We would like men who have ever had a positive diagnosis of prostate cancer to give their comments on our proposal.

Closing date for application

We would be grateful for feedback on our proposal by 20th September at the latest

When will this activity take place?

The proposal will be available on the website from 11th September

How to get involved

In you have comments please send them to me Ronni Nanton at V.Nanton@warwick

Where will this activity take place?

This activity can be completed at home