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Current meetings schedule

Below is the list of meetings planned in the current academic year.




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1st March 2022


Current & future statistical issues & challenges in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)


Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is concerned with which health technologies (pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics & procedures) are the most clinically and cost-effective, in which clinical context/setting, and for which patients. The evidence generated by HTA is used by health policy decision-makers, such as the National Institute for health & Care Excellence (NICE) in England and Wales, to make policy decisions about which health technologies should be used (and paid for) routinely within their health systems, e.g. NHS. However, there are many and varied statistical challenges in generating such HTA evidence. This talk will discuss the most important ones currently, and look forward to future challenges. Current challenges include the use of observational Real World Evidence (RWE) studies to generalise the results of Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) to broader patient populations, alternative comparators & outcomes, and longer time horizons, for both individual RCTs and within evidence syntheses, i.e. (network) meta-analyses. Future challenges include the increased use of basket or tumour agnostic trials in cancer settings, the increased availability of digitally enabled and/or routine data collection in research/evaluation studies, and the evaluation of data-driven health technologies. Finally the implications for statistical methods development, evaluation and translation associated with these challenges will be discussed.

Prof Keith Abrams  

All meetings take place 11am - 12noon unless stated otherwise.

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