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Siew Wan Hee

ReseSiew Wan Heearch Profile

Dr Hee's main research interests are in design and analysis of clinical trials in particular for small population disease. She is also interested in the setting and designing issues of database for individual participant data meta-analysis.


Siew Wan is a Research Fellow in Warwick Medical School. Her primary role in InSPiRe is to review literature and develop decision-theoretic methods for the design and monitoring of clinical trials. Siew Wan is also involved as a statistician for the Low Back Pain Repository and in contributing her statistical expertise into new grant applications. Her first degree was in statistics from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and this was followed by an MSc. also in statistics from NUS. The title of her dissertation was "Exploration of Probes Selection Criteria of Oligonucleotide Array". She was awarded a PhD from The University of Warwick in 2012, thesis titled "Designing a Series of Clinical Trials". She has previously worked as a biostatistician in National Cancer Centre Singapore. Her primary role was to support, assist and advise the design, conduct and analysis of early phase trials and observational studies.



Warwick Medical School
The Unversity of Warwick
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Tel: 024761 51652