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Emmanuelle Comets



Research profile

Emmanuelle Comets' area of research consists in developing mathematical and statistical models to describe the dose-concentration-response relationships of drugs. This area of research has become known recently as Pharmacometrics. Emmanuelle works mostly on longitudinal data, using nonlinear mixed effect models to describe the time-course of the observed processes. Her main methodological developments concern the building and evaluation of these models, with a particular emphasis on pharmacogenetics. Emmanuelle is also interested in design optimisation and algorithms for parameter estimation. Her daily work includes applying these approaches to data from clinical or experimental trials, in particular in the area of anticoagulant drugs, heamatology, cancer and rheumatology.


Emmanuelle is a Researcher in INSERM, the French national institute of health and medical sciences, working in Rennes (INSERM CIC 1414, Hôpital Pontchaillou) and in Paris (INSERM UMR 1137, IAME, University Paris Diderot). She has a PhD in biomathematics. Her expertise is in the development of statistical methods in nonlinear mixed-effect models and their application to clinical trial data in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (eg in rheumatology, cardiology, infectious diseases). Emmanuelle has developed R packages for model evaluation and parameter estimation in nonlinear mixed-effect models, and contributed to the PFIM software performing optimal design for these models.

While working on the InSPiRe project, Emmanuelle will be mostly involved in WP1, where the aim is to incorporate PK/PD modelling into the early phase dose-finding process.




UMR 738
Université Paris
Diderot UFR de Médecine - site Bichat
16 rue Henri Huchard 75018
Tél: +33 (0)157277534
Fax: +33 (0)157277521