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Sarah Zohar

Sarah ZoharSarah Zohar. WP1 Lead

A Researcher at INSERM, Paris (UMR 1138, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers), Sarah has made many methodological contributions in adaptive designs for early phase clinical trials and has applied these methods in cancer and paediatric clinical trials among other fields.

She has collaborated with physicians in the designing, planning, conducting and analysing clinical trials and with international methodological experts from USA, Japan and Europe and has been invited to speak at a number of international scientific meetings.



Sarah Zohar, PhD
Chargée de Recherche
INSERM U1138, Equipe 22
Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers
15 rue de l’école de Médecin
75006 Paris

Tel : +33 1 44 27 92 03