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Research Mission


Our Vision

Our vision is for our world-leading research to contribute to paradigm-changing solutions for some of today’s major public health problems and to improve delivery of health services in a range of settings.

We will foster future research leaders by training the best talent and developing research capacity. Our distinctive research environment will work seamlessly with collaborators across the University, the region, nationally and internationally. We will encourage our excellent scientists to contribute to teaching to ensure our education is research informed.

Research mission

We will achieve our vision by focussing on:

  1. Excellence - by identifying priority areas of research excellence within WMS on which to build and invest in biomedicine, clinical medicine and health sciences
  2. Interdisciplinarity - within WMS, on campus and with partners regionally, nationally and internationally, in order to maximise the opportunities for ground-breaking research that delivers maximum impact. We benefit from working on a compact campus in close proximity to colleagues in cognate disciplines and supported by excellent cross-campus networks such as our Global Research Programmes

    Particular strengths at Warwick relevant to medicine include Mathematics, Systems Biology, Life Sciences, Chemistry, complexity science, and Computer Science (for biomedicine) and Warwick Manufacturing Group, Engineering, Warwick Business School and Economics (for health sciences)

    Understanding biological systems relevant to the main biological processes and disease areas of interest in WMS is a particular strength because of Warwick’s strong Mathematics Department and world-leading Warwick Systems Biology Centre
  3. Selected impact areas - based on our areas of fundamental research excellence and in close engagement with our key NHS and industry partners
  4. Strategic Partnerships -with other academic institutions regionally, nationally or internationally, focussed on our areas of research excellence. We already collaborate successfully with
    • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine through our joint Centre for Applied Health Research and Development
    • University of Birmingham as a founder member of the Science City Research Alliance
    • West Midlands university and NHS partners as a core partner in the West Midland Academic Health Science Network
    • Monash University in Australia and selected institutions in North America
  5. Collaboration with industry and charities - by building on our existing successful long term industry collaborations with Novo Nordisk, Cephalon, GE Healthcare and Omnyx amongst others, and by working with charities, particularly for work in low income countries in sub-Saharan Africa and India and other middle income countries