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Teaching and PhD Supervision

Courses Taught

Health Sciences PhD (RMDA-B91P)
Health Sciences MSc (RMDA-B92P)

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBchB)

 Potential thesis topics

  • Sleep disturbances in early psychosis: A project investigating the prevalence and consequences of disturbed sleep patterns and sleep disturbances in individuals presenting with early psychosis and potential treatment approaches
  • Social cognition and risk of psychotic symptoms: Exploring new and existing data on the relationship between early social cogntion abilities (such as Theory of Mind) and risk for developing psychotic symptoms
  • Treatment of social cognition deficits in psychosis: Developing new interventions or enhnacing existing interventions to improve functioning in individuals developing a psychotic illness that focus on improving social cognition skills
  • Trauma as a risk factor for developing psychosis: Exploring new and exisiting data on the impact of trauma in those presenting with high risk features of psychosis

Current PhD student projects

  • Understanding the experiences of 16 to 25 year olds admitted to mental health hospital wards
  • Virtual reality as a tool for improving young people’s mental health (ESRC)
  • Sleep problems and functional impairment in young people at risk of developing psychiatric disorders (ESRC)