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Official Lectures

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  • "Salt: update on impact of salt on CVD burden and global initiatives to lower salt intake" EuroPrevent, Ljubljana, Slovenia [2018]
  • "Sleep duration and cardiovascular risk: what's the evidence from observational studies?" EuroPrevent, Ljubljana, Slovenia [2018]
  • "Sleep duration and quality: Relationships with glucose levels and opportunities for intervention" Diabetes UK, ExCel, London [2018]

  • "Keynote Speech: Salt intake, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease" Indian Society of Hypertension, New Delhi, India [2018]


  • "Salt targets - is low salt better?" Hypertension: state of the art 2017, Royal College of Physicians, London [2017]
  • "Sodium and cardiovascular disease" Ethnicity and hypertension in a changing Europe, ESH Satellite Symposium, Florence, Italy [2017]
  • "Keynote Address: Healthy sleep"British Sleep Society, Brighton [2017]
  • "Short sleep, mortality and morbidity: epidemiological findings" Is today's society sleep deprived? Royal Society of Medicine, London [2017]
  • "The Salt Affair" From arterial hypertension to heart disease, Federico II University of Naples, Naples, Italy [2017]


  • 'Keynote Speech: Sodium and potassium intake for stroke prevention: evidence and opportunities" presented at the 10th Annual Stroke Update Conference, Brighton [2016]
  • "Sleep, Health & Society: the contribution of epidemiology" presented at the 2016 Sleep Summit, London O2 [2016]
  • "Why is there controversy about the benefit of moderate dietary salt reduction in populations?" presented at Pulse of Asia, Seoul, South Korea [2016]
  • "Lowering salt intake and cardiovascular risk reduction: what is the evidence?" presented at the 26th Scientific Meeting of the ISH, Seoul, South Korea [2016]
  • "Low salt intake saves lives" presented at the Annual Meeting of the British Hypertension Society, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Republic of Ireland [2016]
  • "Hypertension control: perspectives for Africa" presented at the European Society of Hypertension, Paris, France [2016]

  • "Salt consumption and cardiovascular disease: from etiology to prevention" presented at the 53rd Congress of the ERA-EDTA, Vienna, Austria [2016]

  • "Salt: myths and reality" presented at the 19th Hellenic Congress of Nephrology, Kalamata, Greece [2016]
  • "State of the Art: Salt and health outcomes" presented at the WHO European Salt Action Network, Lisbon, Portugal [2016]
  • "Methods to measure salt intake at individual level: gold standard, proxy and calibration need" presented at the WHO European Salt Action Network, Lisbon, Portugal [2016]