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Historical Research Projects

Principal Investigator

  • Playford E.D., Leff A, Farmer S, Leff D, Duport S, Ali A, Elwell C, Rees G. Optimising therapy and characterising brain function in low awareness states. Neurodisability Research Trust/Royal Hospital for Neurodisability. June 2011 - May 2015 £758,260
  • Playford E.D., K Radford, C Burton, T Sach, G Eva Evaluation of Macmillan vocational rehabilitation for cancer survivors pilot. Macmillan. May 2010 – April 2011 £132,869
  • Playford E.D., S Cano JA Sweetland Working yet worried II: working with employers to ensure employees needs are met. MS Society June 2009 – May 2012 (extended for one year due to maternity leave) £155,610
  • Playford E.D., K Radford et al. Mapping Vocational Rehabilitation Services for people with Long Term Neurological Conditions. January 2009 –December 2011 DoH Policy Research Programme £191,690
  • Playford E.D., S Cano, E Burdet A feasibility study of use of a cheap, portable, robotic aid for delivering repetitive practice of reach, supination, and manipulation in acute stroke Stroke Association TSA 2007/14 January 2008 –December 2009 £114,146
  • Playford E.D., Sweetland, Cano, Riazi, Heaney To evaluate an early intervention model of occupational rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis. College of Occupational Therapists June 2006 – May 2007 £55,174
  • R Fitzpatrick, C Jenkinson, E.D. Playford, S Ziebland, H Doll. Needs and experiences of services by individuals with progressive disabling neurological conditions and their carers: a bench-marking study. DoH Jan 2006 – December 2008 £285,736
  • Playford E.D., A Riazi, D Heaney. Working yet worried: Development and evaluation of a model of occupational rehabilitation for people with Multiple Sclerosis. MS Society 821/04 Jan 2005 – December2007 £127, 062
  • Playford E.D., JA Freeman. Increasing the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process through collaborative goal setting. Special trustees UCLH/NHNN CRDC Ref: G.118 April 2002 – March 2004 £69,901
  • Playford E.D., N Lincoln Evaluation of the impact of cognitive assessment in multi-disciplinary stroke rehabilitation Stroke association September 1997 – August 1998 £ 94,501.

Named Mentor

  • G. Eva A feasibility study of a randomised controlled trial evaluating vocational rehabilitation for people with cancer. NIHR Post-doctoral fellowship Jan 2012 – December 2014 £404,232.40


  • N Ward, E Clark, F Jones, G Baio, ED Playford, C Doogan. Investigating the feasibility of a group self-management programme after stroke NIHR RfPB PB-PG-1013-32101 March 2015 – February 2018. £209,683
  • R Simister, M Brown, R Jager, D Playford, A Capp, N Fulop, SMorrison, A Ramsey, A Rudd, P Tyrell, A prospective whole system analysis of the impact of a twenty-four/seven service change based upon patient flow modelling in a London Hyperacute Stroke Unit. NIHR HSDR 12/128/41 July 2013 £500,000
  • K A Radford, Caroline Watkins, Chris J Sutton, Bipin Bhakta, Julie Phillips, Avril Drummond, Marion Walker, David Timothy Shakespeare, Diane Playford, Tracey Helen Sach, Trevor Jones, Richard Greenwood, Lelia Duley, Andy Tyerman, Gemma Whiteley, Jain Holmes, Alison Hammond . FRESH - Facilitating Return to work through Early Specialist Health-based interventions NIHR HTA 11/66/02 March 2013 £646,639
  • C Watkins K Radford, ED Playford, B Bhakta, C Burton, B French, C Sutton, A Hammond, T Sach, J Williamson, T Jones, A Tyerman, J Phillips, P Dey, M Phillips, N Brain, S Melling, Y Bedekar, Community Work Rehabilitation AFTer Stroke (CRAFTS): Proposal to establish a Research and Development Group NIHR SRN Portfolio Development Application £2,910
  • A Riazi, ED Playford What does “quality of life” mean for people with multiple sclerosis in care homes? Development of a measure of QoL for people with MS who are residents in care homes Nov 2008 MS society £93,997
  • R Seigert, B Howe, D Jackson L Turner Stokes, P McCrone, ED Playford, S Fleminger, P Sims Evaluation of Community Rehabilitation Service Delivery in Long-Term Neurological Conditions October 2008 DoH SDO programme NR249 £420,309
  • Evaluation of a pressure sore risk indicator designed for use by wheel chair users MS Research Trust 1999 –2000 £6000
  • Development of a computer based multidisciplinary team note system. Derby City Hospital Audit Fund 1997 £2,000.
  • N Lincoln ED Playford A study of the efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis. NHS executive, 1997 – 1999 £185,565.

Named Collaborator

  • L Turner-Stokes, B Bakhta, D Wade, K Eager, C Wolfe, P McCrone, S Sutch, R Dredge, V Jordan, B Howe, S Walker, J Gore. Cost-efficient service provision in neurorehabilitation: defining needs, costs and outcomes for people with long term neurological conditions DoH RP-PG-0407-10185 £1,999,636