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Research Projects

Principal investigator

Playford ED, Leff A, Farmer S, Leff D, Duport S, Ali A, Elwell C, Rees G. Optimising therapy and characterising brain function in low awareness states. Neurodisability Research Trust/Royal Hospital for Neurodisability. June 2011 - May 2015 £758,260

ED Playford, K Radford, C Burton, T Sach, G Eva Evaluation of Macmillan vocational rehabilitation for cancer survivors pilot. Macmillan. May 2010 – April 2011 £132,869

ED Playford, S Cano JA Sweetland Working yet worried II: working with employers to ensure employees needs are met. MS Society June 2009 – May 2012 (extended for one year due to maternity leave) £155,610

ED Playford, K Radford et al. Mapping Vocational Rehabilitation Services for people with Long Term Neurological Conditions. January 2009 –December 2011 DoH Policy Research Programme £191,690

ED Playford; S Cano, E Burdet A feasibility study of use of a cheap, portable, robotic aid for delivering repetitive practice of reach, supination, and manipulation in acute stroke Stroke Association TSA 2007/14 January 2008 –December 2009 £114,146

ED Playford, Sweetland, Cano, Riazi, Heaney To evaluate an early intervention model of occupational rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis. College of Occupational Therapists June 2006 – May 2007 £55,174

R Fitzpatrick, C Jenkinson, ED Playford, S Ziebland, H Doll. Needs and experiences of services by individuals with progressive disabling neurological conditions and their carers: a bench-marking study. DoH Jan 2006 – December 2008 £285,736

ED Playford, A Riazi, D Heaney. Working yet worried: Development and evaluation of a model of occupational rehabilitation for people with Multiple Sclerosis. MS Society 821/04 Jan 2005 – December2007 £127, 062

ED Playford, JA Freeman. Increasing the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process through collaborative goal setting. Special trustees UCLH/NHNN CRDC Ref: G.118 April 2002 – March 2004 £69,901

ED Playford N Lincoln Evaluation of the impact of cognitive assessment in multi-disciplinary stroke rehabilitation Stroke association September 1997 – August 1998 £ 94,501.

Named mentor

G Eva A feasibility study of a randomised controlled trial evaluating vocational rehabilitation for people with cancer. NIHR Post-doctoral fellowship Jan 2012 – December 2014 £404,232.40


N Ward, E Clark, F Jones, G Baio, ED Playford, C Doogan. Investigating the feasibility of a group self-management programme after stroke NIHR RfPB PB-PG-1013-32101 March 2015 – February 2018. £209,683

R Simister, M Brown, R Jager, D Playford, A Capp, N Fulop, SMorrison, A Ramsey, A Rudd, P Tyrell, A prospective whole system analysis of the impact of a twenty-four/seven service change based upon patient flow modelling in a London Hyperacute Stroke Unit. NIHR HSDR 12/128/41 July 2013 £500,000

K A Radford, Caroline Watkins, Chris J Sutton, Bipin Bhakta, Julie Phillips, Avril Drummond, Marion Walker, David Timothy Shakespeare, Diane Playford, Tracey Helen Sach, Trevor Jones, Richard Greenwood, Lelia Duley, Andy Tyerman, Gemma Whiteley, Jain Holmes, Alison Hammond . FRESH - Facilitating Return to work through Early Specialist Health-based interventions NIHR HTA 11/66/02 March 2013 £646,639

C Watkins K Radford, ED Playford, B Bhakta, C Burton, B French, C Sutton, A Hammond, T Sach, J Williamson, T Jones, A Tyerman, J Phillips, P Dey, M Phillips, N Brain, S Melling, Y Bedekar, Community Work Rehabilitation AFTer Stroke (CRAFTS): Proposal to establish a Research and Development Group NIHR SRN Portfolio Development Application £2,910

A Riazi, ED Playford What does “quality of life” mean for people with multiple sclerosis in care homes? Development of a measure of QoL for people with MS who are residents in care homes Nov 2008 MS society £93,997

R Seigert, B Howe, D Jackson L Turner Stokes, P McCrone, ED Playford, S Fleminger, P Sims Evaluation of Community Rehabilitation Service Delivery in Long-Term Neurological Conditions October 2008 DoH SDO programme NR249 £420,309Evaluation of a pressure sore risk indicator designed for use by wheel chair users MS Research Trust 1999 –2000 £6000Development of a computer based multidisciplinary team note system. Derby City Hospital Audit Fund 1997 £2,000.

N Lincoln ED Playford A study of the efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis. NHS executive, 1997 – 1999 £185,565.

Named collaborator

L Turner-Stokes, B Bakhta, D Wade, K Eager, C Wolfe, P McCrone, S Sutch, R Dredge, V Jordan, B Howe, S Walker, J Gore. Cost-efficient service provision in neurorehabilitation: defining needs, costs and outcomes for people with long term neurological conditions DoH RP-PG-0407-10185 £1,999,636