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Professor Sudhesh Kumar MD FRCP FRCPath





WMS - Dean's Office and Professional Support Services
Tel: 024 765 74869

Research Interests

1. Pathogenesis of obesity driven diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. My group uses multi-method approaches that integrates clinical and laboratory-based studies to elucidate the molecular basis of obesity-driven diabetes and aims to determine the molecular basis of the link between adiposity and its metabolic and cardiovascular complications.

2. The molecular basis of obesity and body fat distribution, investigating control of energy metabolism and factors regulating the distribution of body fat in different adipose tissue depots. 3. Novel approaches to the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes incorporating new behavioural, dietary and pharmacological approaches, including early intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes.


Professor Sudhesh Kumar is Dean of the Warwick Medical School and Director of the Institute of Digital Healthcare at University of Warwick. In addition to these roles, he is also a member of the Coventry & Rugby Health and Wellbeing Board, and the Medical Schools Council. He is a clinical endocrinologist by background with 22 years experience as a Consultant Physician in the NHS. His research interest is obesity and its complications, particularly Type 2 diabetes. His interests include developing novel approaches to managing obesity and diabetes that has helped to transform and improve patient care and treatment. He has published over 240 papers and 6 books on these subjects.

Research Projects

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • The Impact of Biomarkers, Nutrition and Energy Expenditure on Metabolic Disease Date of Completion:2013
  • Adipocyte derived factors effecting whole body glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity Date of Completion:2005
  • Risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease and its management in South Asians Date of Completion:2003
  • Impact of obesity and metabolic syndrome on morbidity, inflammation and adipokines Date of Completion:2012
  • The role of the HLA-b associated transcript 1 (BAT1) In obesity-associated pro-inflammatory state generation within the adipose tissue and the subsequent Metabolic disorders
  • Edoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Adipose Tissue Date of Completion:2011
  • High versus low carbohydrate diet in weight managemetn in obese adults and its effect on blood pressure and metabolic profiles Date of Completion:2010
  • Adipose tissue derived factors in obesity, inflammation and energy homeostasis Date of Completion:2007
  • The role of human adipose tissue as an inflammatory risk factor in cardiovascular disease Date of Completion:2006
  • Determining the mechanism contributing to sub-clinical inflammation in metabolic disease Date of Completion:2010
  • Energy homeostasis:crosstalk between adipose tissue and the human hypothalamus Date of Completion:2007

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