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Compare gene sequence libraries

Function in the statistical software R  and example data for comparing gene sequence libraries using Cramer von Mises statistics; based on method developed by Singleton, D. R., M. A. Furlong, S. L. Rathburn, and W. B. Whitman. 2001. Quantitative comparisons of 16S rRNA gene sequence libraries from environmental samples. Appl. Env. Microbiol. 67:4374-4376.

To compare two sequence libraries (X and Y) using the R function genelib.comp, use syntax

genelib.comp(Total number of sequences in X and Y, Number of sequences in X, Number of randomizations, Aligned sequence data in fasta format)

Example: Compare 46 sequences in library A with 51 sequences in library B, data T0_AvB.fasta



Delta-Cxy =  3.3403  : p-value =  0.001
Delta-Cyx =  1.0027  : p-value =  0.013


Example plot output