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Recent Publications

Contributions to edited works

  • Peter Sidebotham, Peter Fleming, Peter Blair. Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy. In TJ David (Ed) Recent Advances in Paediatrics 22. London: Royal Society of Medicine, 2005.
  • Peter Sidebotham. Children at risk because of poor health. In G Miles and J-J Wright (Eds) Celebrating Children. Paternoster Press, 2003.

Papers in peer reviewed journals

  • Sidebotham PD. Embracing Change. Child Abuse Review (in press).
  • Sidebotham PD. Unexpected findings in an unexpected death. Archives of Disease in Childhood (in press)
  • Peter J Fleming, Peter S Blair, Peter D Sidebotham, and Tracy Hayler. Investigating sudden unexpected deaths in infancy and childhood and caring for bereaved families: an integrated multiagency approach. British Medical Journal, 2004; 328: 331 - 334.
  • Sveum L, Sidebotham P, Schlaud M, Blair P, Rognum TO. Consensus on diagnostic criteria for the exclusion of SIDS: I) Significance of death scene investigation. Nordisk Rettsmedisin 2003; 9: 62-73.
  • Sidebotham PD. Protecting babies. Child Abuse Review, 2003; 12: 353-357.
  • Sidebotham PD. The doctor, the father and the social scientist. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2003; 88: 44-45.
  • Sidebotham PD. Red skies, risk factors and early indicators. Invited comments on Early indicators of child abuse and neglect: a multi-professional Delphi study by Catherine Powell. Child Abuse Review 2003; 12: 41-45.
  • Sidebotham PD, Heron J. The ALSPAC study team. Child maltreatment in the ‘children of the nineties’: The role of the child. Child Abuse & Neglect, the International Journal 2003; 27: 337-352.
  • Sidebotham PD, Heron J, Golding J. The ALSPAC study team. Child maltreatment in the ‘children of the nineties’: Deprivation, class and social networks in a UK sample. Child Abuse & Neglect, the International Journal 2002; 26: 1243-1259.
  • Sidebotham PD. The ALSPAC study team. Culture, stress, and the parent-child relationship: a qualitative study of parents’ perceptions of parenting. Child: Care, Health and Development 2001; 27: 469-485.
  • Sidebotham PD, Golding, J. The ALSPAC study team. Child maltreatment in the ‘children of the nineties’: A longitudinal study of parental risk factors. Child Abuse & Neglect, the International Journal 2001; 25: 1177-1200.
  • Sidebotham PD. An ecological approach to child abuse: a creative use of scientific models in research and practice. Child Abuse Review 2001; 10: 97-112.
  • Sidebotham PD. The ALSPAC study team. Patterns of child abuse in early childhood, a cohort study of the "Children of the Nineties". Child Abuse Review 2000; 9: 311-320.
  • Battacharya M. Sidebotham PD. Parental and Professional Perceptions of the Levels of Disability in Children with Down's Syndrome. Ambulatory Child Health 2000; 6(3): 153-164.

Other publications

  • P Sidebotham. Child protection. Triple Helix 2004; 27: 11.
  • P Sidebotham. Child abuse. Triple Helix 2003; 25: 8-10.
  • P. Sidebotham. Growing up – in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men. Triple Helix Summer 2001: 8-9.
  • P Sidebotham. Family Matters: Interfaces between child and adult mental health (Book review). Journal of Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 2001; 15; 203.