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Dr Anatoly Shmygol

Job Title
Associate Professor
WMS - Reproductive Health
(0)24 7696 8702
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Research Interests

Tony Shmygol's research is concerned with the mechanisms of electrogenesis, autorhythmicity and Ca signalling in the myometrium. His lab is using patch clamp, sharp microelectrodes, multidimensional digital imaging and confocal microscopy combined with mathematical modelling to investigate the signalling pathways linking the rise in intracellular Ca to the activation of the plasma membrane ion channels. His current projects investigate the role of low voltage activated (T-type) Ca channels in the myometrial autorhythmicity and Ca signalling and the mechanisms of oxytocin-induced potentiation of myometrial contractility. This research ultimately aims at better understanding of the uterine function and providing theoretical basis for improved management of preterm labour.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Ferring Compound Analysis Ferring Pharmaceuticals 01 Feb 2014 31 Jan 2015
Cost extension to: Investigation into the mechanism of action of an oxytocin receptor antagonist GlaxoSmithKline PLC 28 Feb 2013 31 Mar 2014
Ferring Literature Review Ferring Pharmaceuticals 01 Jan 2013 28 Feb 2013
Investigation into the mechanism of action of an oxytocin receptor antagonist. GlaxoSmithKline PLC 01 Jan 2012 31 Dec 2012
MRC Capacity Building Studentships. MRC 01 Oct 2008 30 Sep 2012
Myometrial contractility and labour outcome in obese women Grace Research Fund 01 Aug 2010 31 Jul 2012
Specific targeting of nifedipine action to the uterus by manipulation of myometrical specific ion channels Action Medical Research 01 Jan 2010 31 Dec 2011
Control of uterine Ca by membrane potential: role of the T-type Calcium channels BBSRC 01 May 2006 30 Apr 2009