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Ambulance Service Patient Safety Scoping Review

Patient Safety in UK Ambulance Services - A Scoping Review

funded by NIHR SDO (2011 - 2012)

Please see also the NIHR SDO programme website for this project.


The aim of this scoping exercise is to provide a robust evidence base on patient safety in Ambulance Services (AS), to highlight any significant gaps in the evidence base, to understand Ambulance Services safety processes and priorities, to evaluate Ambulance Services safety culture and to make recommendations regarding the prioritisation of research and policy needs in order to improve patient safety in NHS Ambulance Services

Project team

Matthew Cooke (PI)

Peter Spurgeon

Aileen Clarke

Jo Fisher

Mark-Alexander Sujan


The final project report has been submitted to the NIHR Journals Library and is currently undergoing editorial review. The report should become available during the second half of 2013.