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Monday 22nd September 2008


0800 to 0900 - Registration


0900 to 0915 – Opening Session


Michael Harrison and Mark Sujan:  Conference Chairs

Udo Voges – EWICS TC7 Chair


0915 to 1000 – Keynote


Critical Information Infrastructures: Should Models Represent Structures or Functions?

Erik Hollnagel, Ècole des Mines de Paris (France)


1000 to 1100 – Software Dependability 1

The Effectiveness of T-way Test Data Generation

Michael Ellims, Darrel Ince and Marian Petre (UK)


Towards Agile Engineering of High-Integrity Systems

Richard F. Paige, Ramon Charalambous, Xiaocheng Ge and Phillip J. Brooke (UK)


1100 to 1120 – Coffee Break 


1120 to 1245 – Software Dependability 2

SafeSpection – A Systematic Customization Approach for Software-Hazard Identification

Christian Denger, Mario Trapp and Peter Liggesmeyer (Germany)


Integrating Safety Analyses and Component-based Design

Dominik Domis and Mario Trapp (Germany)


Modelling Support for Design of Safety-Critical Automotive Embedded Systems

DeJiu Chen (Sweden), Rolf Johansson (Sweden), Henrik Lönn (Sweden),

Yiannis Papadopoulos (UK), Anders Sandberg (Sweden),

Fredrik Törner (Sweden) and Martin Törngren (Sweden)


1245 to 1415 – Lunch 


1415 to 1600 – Resilience

Resilience in the Aviation System

Antonio Chialastri and Simone Pozzi (Italy)


Resilience Markers for Safer Systems and Organisations

Jonathan Back (UK), Dominic Furniss (UK), Michael Hildebrandt (Norway) and Ann Blandford (UK)


Maturity Model for Evaluating Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Activities

Swu Yih, Chin-Feng Fan and Chung-Wei Chen (Taiwan)


Modelling and Analyzing Disaster Recovery Plans as Business Processes

Andrzej Zalewski, Piotr Sztandera, Marcin Ludzia and Marek Zalewski (Poland)


1600 to 1620 – Coffee Break 


1620 to 1730 – Panel Session:  Complexity and Resilience

(Chair:  Aad van Moorsel, Reader in Distributed Systems, Newcastle University)


Ann Blandford, Professor of Human Computer Interaction

and Director of the UCL Interaction Centre, University College London.


Erik Hollnagel, Professor and Industrial Safety Chair, Ècole des Mines de Paris


Marcus Kaiser, RCUK Academic Fellow for Complex Neural Systems, Newcastle University


Jean-Claude Laprie, Directeur de Recherche, CNRS


Panel supported by EU network of excellence 026764 (ReSIST: Resilience for Survivability in IST)


1800 - Reception


Tuesday 23rd September 2008 


0830 to 0900 – EWICS Presentation

Overview of EWICS activities during the year


0900 to 0945 – Keynote


Security, Interoperability and Resilience for MANETs and a Fixed Core

Colin O’Halloran, QinetiQ (UK)


0945 to 1100 – Fault Tolerance

Analysis of Nested CRC with Additional Net Data in Communication

Tina Mattes (Germany), Frank Schiller (Germany), Annemarie Mörwald

(Germany) and Thomas Honold (China)


Symbolic Reliability Analysis of Self-healing Networked Embedded Systems

Michael Glass, Martin Lukasiewycz, Christian Haubelt and Jürgen Teich (Germany)


Investigation and Reduction of Fault Sensitivity in the FlexRay

Communication Controller Registers

Yasser Sedaghat and Seyed Ghassem Miremadi (Iran)


1100 to 1120 – Coffee Break 


1120 to 1245 – Security 1

Secure Interaction Models for the HealthAgents System

Liang Xiao, Paul Lewis and Srinandan Dasmahapatra (UK)


Security Challenges in Adaptive e-Health Processes

Michael Predeschly, Peter Dadam and Hilmar Acker (Germany)


An Efficient e-Commerce Fair Exchange Protocol that Encourages

Customer and Merchant to be Honest

Abdullah Alaraj and Malcolm Munro (UK)


1245 to 1415 – Lunch

1415 to 1600 – Safety Cases

Constructing a Safety Case for Automatically Generated Code from Formal Program Verification Information

Nurlida Basir, Ewen Denney and Bernd Fischer (UK)


Applying Safety Goals to a New Intensive Care Workstation System

Uwe Becker (Germany)


Safety Argument Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles

Andzrej Wardzinski (Poland)


Expert Assessment of Arguments: a Method and Its Experimental Evaluation

Lukasz Cyra and Janusz Górski (Poland)


1600 to 1620 – Coffee Break


1620 to 1800 – Formal Methods

Formal Verification by Reverse Synthesis

Xiang Yin, John C. Knight, Elisabeth A. Nguyen and Westley Weimer (USA)


Deriving Safety Software Requirements from an AltaRica System Model

Sophie Humbert, Christel Seguin, Charles Castel and Jean-Marc Bosc (France)


Model-Based Implementation of Real-Time Systems

Krzysztof Sacha (Poland)


Early Prototyping of Wireless Sensor Network Algorithms in PVS

Cinzia Bernardeschi (Italy), Paolo Masci (Italy) and Holger Pfeifer (Germany)


1830 – City Tour to Conference Dinner


1930 – Conference Dinner


Wednesday 24th September 2008


0900 to 0945 – Keynote


Technology, Society and Risk

Roger Rivett, Land Rover (UK)


0945 to 1100 – Security 2

Creating a Secure Infrastructure for Wireles Diagnostics and Software Updates in Vehicles

Dennis K. Nilsson, Ulf E. Larson and Erland Jonsson (Sweden)


Finding Corrupted Computers Using Imperfect Intrusion Prevention System Event Data

Danielle Chrun, Michel Cukier and Gerry Sneeringer (USA)


Security Threats to Automotive CAN Networks – Practical Examples and

Selected Short-term Countermeasures

Tobias Hoppe, Stefan Kiltz and Jana Ditmann (Germany)


1100 to 1120 – Coffee Break 


1120 to 1245 – Dependability Modelling

Analyzing Fault Susceptiility of ABS Microcontroller

Dawid Trawczyñski, Janusz Sosnowski and Piotr Gawkowski (Poland)


A Formal Approach for User Interaction Reconfiguration of Safety Critical Interactive Systems

David Navarre, Philippe Palanque and Sandra Basnyat (France)


The Wrong Question To The Right People. A Critical View of Severity

Classification Methods in ATM Experimental Projects

Alberto Pasquini, Simone Pozzi and Luca Save (Italy)


1245 to 1415 – Lunch


1415 to 1600 – Security and Dependability

A Context-Aware Mandatory Access Control Model for Multilevel Security Environments

Jafar Haadi Jafarian, Morteza Amini and Rasool Jalili (Iran)


Formal Security Analysis of Electronic Software Distribution Systems

Monika Maidl (Germany), David von Oheimb (Germany),

Peter Hartmann (Germany) and Richard Robinson (USA)


The Advanced Electric Power Grid: Complexity Reduction Techniques for Reliability Modelling

Ayman Z. Faza, Sahra Sedigh, and Bruce M. McMillin (USA)


Automating the Process of Selecting an Appropriate Scheduling Algorithm and Configuring

the Scheduler Implementation for Time-triggered Embedded Systems

Ayman K. Gendy and Michael J. Pont (UK)


1600 to 1615 – Safecomp 2009 Presentation


1615 to 1630 – Wrap Up