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Professor Dieter Wolke





University of Warwick

Research Interests

Dieter's main research interests include developmental pathways leading to developmental psychopathology; social and emotional development; especially school and sibling bullying; the development of biological at risk children (very preterm children)and infant regulatory problems (crying, feeding, sleeping) and parenting

Research Projects

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Bullying victimisation: How does it get under skin to affect health? Date of Completion:2016
  • Prevalence, Screening and Intervening in Bullying through Healtcare Services. A mixed method approach. Date of Completion:2016
  • Early regulatory problems in very preterm infants and mother-infant interaction: A longitudinal study about child behaviour outcomes Date of Completion:2016
  • Relations between parenting styles, personality and temperament of the children and the child's bullying behaviour directed towards siblings at home context and directed towards peers at school context Date of Completion:2012
  • Associations between regulatory disorders in infancy and longterm behavioural outcomes in later childhood Date of Completion:2010
  • To investigate the interplay between family and individual characteristics, child resources and the family environment on bullying and subsequent social and mental health outcomes Date of Completion:2014
  • Regulatory disorders in early infancy - A longitudinal study analysing neonatal predictors and impact on behaviour and cognition in childhood Date of Completion:2009
  • Virtual Reality for the Efficient Treatment for Infants with Feeding Difficulties Date of Completion:2010
  • Precursors of Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms Date of Completion:2011

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