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Accessibility Resources for Educators

Accessible Education

Improve your students' experience

Warwick Neurodiversity ToolkitLink opens in a new window

These interactive resources by Dr Jag Jutley-Neilson and her team are a great place to start, especially for educators within Warwick University. You'll find information on creating accessible materials and learning spaces, marking and assessments, supporting students through diagnosis, and further training.


  The Neurodiversity HubLink opens in a new window; resources for all levels of university staff

  British Dyslexia AssociationLink opens in a new window; to support educators

Dyslexia Style GuideLink opens in a new window; advice on presenting your content

AttentionUKLink opens in a new window; University support for students with ADHD

Autism&UniLink opens in a new window; Best Practice for HE lecturers and tutors, includes practical advice

STUC-UKLink opens in a new window; stammering support for students and faculty

Office for StudentsLink opens in a new window; useful links to best support Mental Health needs

  Trauma-Informed Approaches; Warwick-created guidance for educators with practical, classroom strategies

Bionic Reading; a free weighted font, available as an online app, a Chrome extension, on Google Play or the iOS storeLink opens in a new window